Main Characteristics

Kind of company Global Company 2 (GBC2).
Legislation and authority Mauritius Financial Service Commission is the reference authority in this country. All the companies and regulated according to the “Companies Act 2001”
Information about company directors In the Register Office the list of the company officers is available, but not accessible to anyone
Privacy Fully guaranteed
Accounting Duties No obligation of bookkeeping
Taxation No taxes
Standard Currency US $.
Time for Constitution Well-functioning Register Office
Stability Stable and well-known jurisdiction
Communications Good means of communications
Time zone GMT-4.
Secretary obligations Optional
Legal system of reference Civil Law.
Capital to pay No minimum capital required
Minimum number of Directors/Shareholders At least 1 Director/Shareholder
Shares to the bearer Shares to the bearer not allowed
Costs Tariffs:  € 1290 for company constitution – € 1090/year for its maintenance