Main Characteristics

Kind of company Private joint-stock company
Legislation and authority Cyprian companies are regulated by the Cyprus Companies Law, cap 113, and the reference authority is the Cyprian Bar Association
Information about company directors Directors’ names must be indicated in the register of companies, but it’s also possible to make use of a nominee
Privacy Fully guaranteed
Accouting duties Yes
Taxaction The lowest European taxes (rate of 10%).
standard currency US $.
Time of constitution Efficient registry office
Stability Stable and well-known jurisdiction
Comunications Good means of communication
Time zone GMT+2.
Secretary obligations Yes
Legal system of reference Common Law.
Capital to pay No obligation of capital
Minimum number of Directors/shareholders At least 1 director/shareholder
Share to the bearer Allowed
Costs €3400,00 for company constitution – €1900,00/ per year for its maintenance