In Belize tax haven entrepreneurs can find the tools to protect their assets while reducing at the same time tax burden. Belize, in fact, is different from other tax havens, since the norms in force in terms of bank secrecy are very restrictive, so that in relation to foreign clients the information are not transmitted from this jurisdiction to their home country, even in case of requests of judicial and administrative support.

Main Characteristics

Kind of companyInternational company (IBC)
Legislazion and authorityThe reference authority is “Belize International Finance Service Commission”, and any companies are regulated in accordance with IBC ACT 1999
Information about company directorsIn Belize is not possible to consult a company officers register inside the company
PrivacyFully guaranteed
Accounting dutiesbookkeeping not requested
TaxationNo taxes
standard currencyUS $.
Time of constitutionBelize Registry Office well-functioning
StabilityStable jurisdiction
ComunicationsGood means of communication
Time zoneGMT-6.
Secretary obligationsNot necessary
Legal system of referenceCommon Law.
Capital to payNo minimum capital to pay
Minimum number of directors/shareholdersAt least 1 director/shareholder
Shares to the bearerAvailable
Costs€ 790 for company constitution – € 690/ per year for its maintenance

In order to protect your assets and incomes, instead of using tools like tax shield or any other ways, with the risk of committing mistakes that could reveal punishable by your country authorities, it’d be preferable to refer to professionals of international tax planning. With the right knowledge of applicable national and international laws, as well as treaties and conventions, these experts could help you to enact a correct planning, without any risk of being charged of crimes like tax evasion, for example in case of wrong use of an IBC.

Often, we hear of people that wrongly improvise as experts in the field of company and tax planning, by making great mistakes with the result that such tools, that if correctly used would allow tax savings in a totally legal way, increase statistics of tax inversion. To check if Belize better meets your needs, get in touch with our office and request a consultation with our professionals. By our support, you can decide how to better use an IBC or an offshore bank accounts for your company or for yourself.