Open up an offshore company in the Seychelles

Renowned offshore destination, the Republic of the Seychelles offers three types of offshore companies. The offshore activity is managed by The Seychelles International Business Authority that imposes the country rules.


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The types of offshore companies in the Seychelles


  • The International Business Company (IBC). It’s the most common type of enterprise in the country and it takes the form of a joint stock company. It has the advantage of not imposing any constraints on the nationality of the Directors and on the minimum capital. However, an IBC company can neither do business in the Seychelles nor own any property (e.g. for the offices only rental is allowed).  Furthermore, it’s forbidden to start business with other companies in the country, with the exception of some specific cases, as Law and commercial offices. However, it’s allowed to own shares in other Seychelles companies or having a ship registered. The costs of establishing are 100 USD for a maximum capital of USD 100 000. The renewal of the license is of USD 100.The registration of the ships is managed by The Merchant Shipping Act. An offshore company in the Seychelles is required to comply with the Company Law and the International Business Companies Act.
  • The special license Companies (CSL). They’re ruled by the Companies Act of the 2003. This kind of offshore company enables activities both inside and outside the country and brings many fiscal benefits.


  • The Limited Partnership (LP). It is ruled by the Limited Partnership Act of the 2003 and allows to receive and distribute the income.


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An offshore company is a company located in a foreign country compared to the one in which it operates. The offshore companies benefit from the tax advantages of the country in which they are established, despite keep doing business with other countries. An offshore company enables to increase the profits, being it subject to a lower taxation (or even nothing). Moreover, the administrative procedures, in particular the bookkeeping, are lighter and more flexible. The offshore solution also offers a good privacy policy and the anonymity for the company management and the opening of anonymous offshore accounts.

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If you are looking for a way to protect your assets and your investments, as well as to save on taxes and bureaucratic delays, opening an offshore company in the Seychelles could be the right solution for you. Contact us: our team of professionals will be at your disposal to find an answer to your needs.