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Open a London company involves many tax advantages. What are the advantages of a UK LTD? England enjoys worldly a great reputation and it is one the main commercial carriers toward Asia and USA. The simplicity of English rules allows to open ltd companies quickly and benefit from many tax advantages than other EU countries.

LTD UK: What we offer

  • Company Incorporation
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Bank Account
  • Debit card with IBAN headed to the company
  • Company registered address in England

02 ———

An English LTD is protected by the Law of the country in which the company has been constituted and where it has its main registered office. Moreover, if you decide to open Ltd in England you can also choose to keep a representative office.

Ltd does not impose VAT registration up to 100.000 Euro of turnover, the shareholders can be people of any country (with the same rights as an English citizen), bookkeeping can be online and anyone can be the Director, even working entirely in Italy. Visit our FAQ page for all the most frequent questions about Ltd company.

——— 03

The use of Ltd company is completely regular and cannot be contested by Revenue, provided that it works in full respect of the Law. Business Service Distribution provides assistance both to the entrepreneurs and natural persons, in respect of international fiscal norms for any customer business purpose.

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