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Offshore company with only 1600 €


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Why open an offshore company in England?

Opening a company in England is much quicker, more simple and convenient:

  • No need of registration at Data Protection Agency, but respect of web norms on data processing.
  • No need of VAT declaration up to 77.000 £ of income. In case of excess of such amount, VAT can be declared in the end of the year, or 10% on the income can be payed, thus simplifying the verification procedures.
  • No need of a notary: to head shares to a new shareholder or rename the company, an online procedure is available to follow and amounts to 40 £.
  • NO fees are charged on the company up to 21 months from the start. Nine months after the first accounting year you’ve to turn to HMRC.
  • Speed and simple Bookkeeping, by practical and intuitive online applications.

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The type of company preferred in England by the entrepreneurs is LTD (Private Limited Company), it’s quicker and cheaper in its constitution. In England this company model is used in more than 90% of cases. Here below you find some reasons of its large preference:

  • Ltd company can be established with only a unique shareholder
  • No minimum capital is required by English Law.
  • It is distinguished from its shareholders and directors, being responsible for all its debts and obligations. In this way it’s possible to reduce the business risk for the invested capital.
  • It’s possible to open a company in England in few hours.
  • The tax rate for business income in UK is up to 19% (in Brexit context it has been discussed a tax income reduction up to 10%).
  • An English Law company has a management on average less expensive for the tax and bureaucracy fields than the majority of the other European countries.

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