LTD takes the form of a natural person, that is even used in 95% of economic activities carried out in England. LTD can be thus defined as natural person whose debts and obligations are solely in charge of the shareholders’ capital and, then, the same kind of company can be used to conduct different businesses, by making it out to the same also real estates.
According to the judicial definition given by the English Court of Justice, LTD is considered as a third entity compared to shareholders and directors, thus it is an ideal model to arrange a business both in case of one and more shareholders.

Why an UK LTD is advantageous

As Ltd is settled up in England, it can benefit from a great economic reputation of the country: furthermore, this country is also a reference point for European trade toward Asia and USA, since local laws are applicable to make profits.
For this reason, England is an ideal place to start a business easily, avoiding complex bureaucracy and additional costs, that would aggravate the establishment and start-up phase.
This country also offers tax advantages- that are lower if compared to other European countries- but sometimes nonexistent. It’s important to underline that England is not a Free Zone country, thus there exist some rules to respect and apply when necessary.
Another great advantage of opening an English Ltd, is the possibility of rendering dormant a company, whenever the owner is unable to work, for example in case of illness, without paying any tax. Furthermore, In England there are no local tax on physical person, no fee for registration in public company register, and any municipal taxes.
England has agreed many conventions against double taxation, with all UE countries, and what’s more has no problem with licenses. Here you do not find professional registers and an LTD can easily work in any jurisdiction of the global market.

The advantages of an LTD

People that conduct commercial activity or provide services can benefit from many advantages: LTD is the best solution to work all over Europe. UK bureaucracy is less complicated than other countries and enable to start a business without high costs and complex bureaucracy. Ltd constitution is worldly recognized by starting a business without investing too many resources in bureaucracy. Nowadays, LTD companies are always more chosen by entrepreneurs due to its several advantages.
In the following Table you can get an idea.


Description UK LTD
Time of incorporation and operativity From a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 24 hours
Notary deed, incorporation and other services None of these documents is required in England
Payment in tenths for share capital incorporation 1 pound (About 1,30 EUR)
Share capital payment
Responsability in the deposited share capital Yes, with a  rate of maximum 2%, counted on the started capital, and only if not yet entirely paid-up
Incorporation costs From EUR 590
CCIAA registration Not expected
Company statute and object Can be general but for legal activities
Director’s responsability He’s responsable only for the temporary deregistration at the Company House in this role as Director. For other cases he’s not charged for any individual responsabilities.
The anonymous shares to the bearer In the first year of life of Ltd company, the shareholders are not rendered visible on the Register of Companies, but from the second year oward. However, it’s possible to intervene on the anonymity for more privacy.
The anonymity of the Director His anonymity is guaranteed and legal
Contributions in kind The director is supposed to fill in a form
Company management in this country the company management costs are very interesting. By choosing a simple accounting package you’ll pay yearly 750/830 for it’s management.
Corporate structure The shareholders can be from any country
Activities,licenses and authorizations In UK any kind of license or authorization is not required. Then, there are no professional registers, municipal tax obligations.
Restrictions for natural persons There are no restrictions for Directors as well as Shareholders
VAT It’s not compulsory for incomes lower than 82.000 GBP
Municipal taxes and others Not expected such taxes nor withholding tax nor tax advances
Labor inspectorate Not expected
Taxes on net income.


20% on net income up to 300.000 GBP

26% on net income more than 300.000GBP. From 2014 – 23%

An LTD even temporary defined “DORMANT ACCOUNT” is not obliged to pay any taxes.

Share percentage of 20% on net income up to 300.000 GBP

Less bureaucracy and more tax advantages.

Our customers rely completely on our service, not only for the establishment of companies, but also for the ordinary bookkeeping, as well as for the trusteeship of the same company. BSD, in fact, is able to provide customer assistance also in post-sale phase, in order to guarantee a constant support. In this way the customer will be able to increase his business, taking advantage from tax benefits and others. Despite England is not considered as Tax heaven, nonetheless it offers many fiscal profits, being classified to the first place among the best countries in terms of business. With a correct tax planning, the entrepreneur will pay less and feel himself protected by the Law in reference to his assets. By LTD you can overcome privacy issues as well as all the fears in connection to fiscal problems. BSD will let you work in respect of your country Law, reducing the boring procedures that represent obstacles in legal and fiscal terms, both for the company and for the entrepreneur himself.  For our management we mainly base upon:

  • Low tax burden
  • Asset protection
  • No fiscal problems
  • No legal problems
  • Privacy