Company in Brazil (Ltda)

Unfortunately, when you rely upon improvised professionals you risk of making serious mistakes. Many of our customers have reported that without a good interlocutor, many difficulties occur in the constitution of a company in Brazil. For this, we’ve decided to point out two important aspects for the opening of the Ltd a company in Brazil:

  • The constitution of a Brazil company does not require the residence on the territory, since it’s enough to get the tax code, releasable by the presentation of the passport or another contact detail (e.g. hotel of residence).
  • In order to work with a Brazilian company, it’s enough to head only 1% of shares to a person resident in Brazil. In some countries, the National Council of Estate Agents request from the companies that half of the business is headed to a Brazilian partner. However, it’s an illicit request with no legal basis. In this sense, it’s sufficient to have a partner that holds 1% of the activity, enrolled in the mentioned Register. For a matter of bureaucracy, also fiscal, it’d be preferable to choose the juridical form of Sociedade limitada, or ltda.

Due to logistic difficulties, we cannot assist you in the company constitution, but we can anyway draw up the Statute in Portuguese, in order to safeguard your relationship with your Brazilian partner, whose role is director of your company.  The cost of stature creation amounts to 400 Euro.

In this country you can also invest anonymously with no use of nominee. You are supposed to rely on offshore company that will control from abroad your investment, anonymously, also in case of marriage.